The Romanian Orthodox Church has supported Ukrainians with more than 5 million euros so far

The Romanian Patriarchate’s Press Office published details of the support given by the Romanian Orthodox Church to the victims of the war in Ukraine from March 18 to 24, 2022 and communicated the total amount of support provided so far: it exceeds 5.2 million euros. (26 million lei).

Read the full text of the press release below:

Humanitarian aid from the Romanian Orthodox Church to the victims of the war in Ukraine, 18-24 March 2022
In the context of the protracted humanitarian crisis caused by the war in Ukraine, the Romanian Orthodox Church has continued its extensive social and philanthropic actions.

During this period, a total of 17,450 lei and 340 euros were donated on ajută, an online platform created by the Romanian Patriarchate in collaboration with the Filantropia Federation.

At the level of the Romanian Patriarchate, 1,926 priests and volunteers were added as participants in charitable actions between March 18 and 24, 2022.

Humanitarian aid granted in recent days amounted to 1,358,889 lei, consisting of money and products (hot meals, food products, baby food, sanitary products, medicines, blankets, clothes, toys, etc.) .

In addition to this support, several types of social services are ongoing (translation – 9,427 beneficiaries; advice and guidance – 8,944 beneficiaries; medical assistance – 164 beneficiaries; education – 6,741 beneficiaries; logistical support, consisting of shelter – tent/ containers and transport).

With regard to refugee accommodation, refugee places currently stand at 11,018, of which 7,301 include catering services.

Within the framework of the organization of the transport of humanitarian aid, 62 additional shipments were made to Romania, seven to Ukraine and two to the Republic of Moldova. The value of these new shipments of humanitarian aid amounts to 977,862 lei.

The Romanian Patriarchate’s “Give Blood for Ukraine” campaign continued last week with 342 new donors.

Between March 18 and 24, 2022, the humanitarian aid offered by the dioceses of the Romanian Orthodox Church and the Filantropia Federation amounts to 2,529,456 lei.

The total aid provided by the Romanian Orthodox Church since the beginning of the war in Ukraine until now is 26,224,213 lei (5.2 million euros).


Martha J. Finley