The lay minister of the Catholic Church of Vieux-Fort speaks out on the Catholic attacks

The lay minister of the Catholic Church of Vieux-Fort, Augustus Gray, expressed his point of view on the reasons why certain individuals with an undesirable character attack the Catholic Church.

In recent decades, there has been a catalog of atrocities against the Catholic Church, resulting in death and serious injury among members of its hierarchy as well as damage to its statutes.

On May 8, 1977, during a Mother’s Day Mass at Grace, Vieux-Fort, Sister Francis Theresa Keenan was murdered. In 1980, Bishop Lester Guilly was kidnapped in Castries.

On December 31, 2000, Sister Theresa Egan was brutally killed at Castries Cathedral, in an incident that also resulted in severe burns to Victor Reyes and Mark Beaubrun, and the eventual death of Catholic priest, Charles Gaillard, who died at the hospital in April. 2001.

Gray, a devout member of the Catholic Church for decades, felt that one of the reasons they target the Catholic Church is that they don’t like church statues.

The most recent incident occurred in Vieux-Fort on Mother’s Day, May 8, when a man burst into the Catholic church in Vieux-Fort and set the statue on fire of the Blessed Virgin Mary, creating a pandemonium in the church.

Gray has said many times that he has heard young people spouting nonsense at the Catholic Church, criticizing its statutes: “They are targeting the statues of Mary, Jesus, Joseph.”

According to the devoted parishioner, they always say, “Jah will burn them, Jah will burn them…all that nonsense,” adding that he thinks they mostly do it after smoking marijuana.

According to Gray, some people say they’re not sane, but he thinks that might not be the case.

He said the attack on the church last week is a more serious matter for worshipers than the gun violence that erupted near the church more than a month ago, which resulted in shooting deaths of a man at a distance.

According to him, the inhabitants of Vieux-Fort are used to hearing gunshots every day, so the gunshots near the church more than a month ago did not bother them like the did the recent incident.

Gray said that for the attacks on the Catholic Church to be stopped, the Church hierarchy and the police must sit down together and put measures in place to ensure the safety of the faithful.

Martha J. Finley