Stepping back in time for a local church as it celebrates 100 years

A self-guided tour allowed community members to learn about the history of Mount Olive Lutheran Church as they held a centenary anniversary open house on Sunday, August 28, 2022.

“We were organized in 1921 and opened our first building in 1922. It was near East Ninth Avenue and Fourth Street. In 1956 we purchased and moved into this building,” said Pastor Robert Frank.

A church press release mentions that Mt. Olive was founded in 1921 by a group of families who lived in East Duluth and traveled to West Duluth every Sunday to worship at St. Stephan’s Lutheran Church. .

Before being named Mt. Olive Lutheran Church, it was called Trinity Episcopal Cathedral. The church was sold to Mt. Olive on November 10, 1995, for $75,000.

Pastor Franks shares what led the church to go with the message for their centenary, “our 100th anniversary theme was his blessing flows and reminding us that God flows his blessings to us through his Word and through Jesus, but also through this we to others, so we exist to bring this message of forgiveness and salvation from Jesus Christ to those around us.

Inside the church there were different open day areas which described information relating to the renovations to the church and the story behind some of the stained glass windows, to name a few.

“Part of this open house is also about explaining our love of Christ, and the pastor will talk about the design of the sanctuary which was built in 1806. Why does it look like an upside down ship and, for sharing not only this architecture, but our first history as the Episcopal Church before we purchased it, and then our history as a Lutheran church after we purchased it,” says Mt. Olive Elder Farchmin.

Having the opportunity to celebrate 100 years is amazing, but as Pastor Frank mentions, it’s about so much more than that.

“It’s not so much about us, but; about Jesus. One of the verses we have coming for our anniversary is not to us, Lord, but to your name, give glory because of your unwavering love and faithfulness. So it sort of focuses on that and the blessing that Jesus gives us.

Martha J. Finley