Kirkcaldy merged church ordains its first minister

The Reverend Josh Milton was ordained as first minister of the joint charge of Templehall and Torbain last Thursday, at a service led by the Rt Rev Iain Greenshields, the Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland .

Mr. Milton was raised in the southeastern Indian city of Chennai and is following in his family’s footsteps, although ministry was not his original plan.

He explained, “My parents are pastors, my great-grandfather was the first Christian in the family as a Hindu convert.

Lorraine Fraser, Moderator of Fife Presbytery, and The Most Reverend Iain Greenshields, Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, join Reverend Josh Milton (centre) in celebrating his induction into Templehall and the parish church of Torbain.

“Most of my extended family members are pastors and have planted many churches across India. But ministry never appealed to me as a career!”

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After starting a career in the IT industry, questions about life led Mr Milton to study at the International Christian College in Glasgow. There he became involved in youth work.

This in turn led him to the Church of Scotland. He will spend over 10 years working with local churches in the Stirling area, focusing on families and young people.

Encouraged by others to enter the ministry, Mr. Milton felt called to serve in the Church of Scotland. He felt called to share some of his family’s experience in missions and new church planting.

With his keen interest in music production, Mr. Milton was able to help young people in schools explore their concerns and creativity by writing and recording songs.

He said: “From these songwriting exercises, discussions of faith and spirituality were explored. Many have expressed their faith in Jesus in different ways.”

Mr Milton has experience in a number of churches across Scotland, including Dunblane Cathedral and most recently Dunfermline North Parish Church.

He had also completed an internship in Charlotte, North Carolina, before taking charge of Templehall and Torbain Church, with Mr Milton saying it would be a “privilege to work closely with members of the congregation”.

He added: “The recently united Templehall and Torbain Church are missionary at heart, and this is clearly demonstrated through their ministries.

“It is also evident that they are a self-sufficient church. Church elders and congregation members are ready to roll up their sleeves and get the job done.”

Martha J. Finley