Imam healed in church crusade cancels operation


By our journalist

There was jubilation at the Nabyewanga playground in central Uganda’s Mpigi district when an imam who was due to undergo eye surgery this month experienced the power of healing from God by attending a Church crusade.

In a statement on August 13, 2022, Pastor Robert Kayanja, Founder and Senior Pastor of Cathedral Miracle Center – Rubaga, revealed through his Facebook page that Imam Kavuma Bruhan, a resident of Bukoroto village located in Bugerere County , Kayunga district, was healed after attending an evangelistic meeting honored by the pastor.

In the statement, Pastor Robert Kayanja said Imam Kavuma was in a mosque reading “Khutbah” two and a half years ago when “something passed through his eyes”.

Since then, the pastor revealed, the Islamic leader’s eyes went blind and he “couldn’t see anything at all”.

“He went to Kayunga hospital and saw an ophthalmologist who recommended that he have an operation. They had scheduled an appointment with the doctors in Jinja to perform this operation on August 21, 2022 and had even deposited 600,000/= although it was not enough,” the statement said.

“His daughter, Mrs. Hawa Zziwa, who attends Miracle Center Cathedral, heard about the crusade, she decided to bring her father from Bugerere – Bukoloto to Nabyewanga playground, Mpigi district, where was taking place the crusade – but with the faith that God will heal his father”. continued.

Adding: “When Pastor Robert Kayanja prayed for the sick, the Imam felt something leave his eyes and immediately after his sight was restored he could see, everyone and everything in his line of sight, totally healed by the power of God.”

Martha J. Finley