Humanitarian aid for victims of the war in Ukraine provided by the Romanian Orthodox Church

In the dramatic context of the outbreak of war in Ukraine and the humanitarian disaster it caused, the Romanian Orthodox Church mobilized from the first days of this conflict triggered by Russia against an independent and sovereign country, bringing considerable assistance to Ukrainian refugees who arrived on the territory of Romania, in the Republic of Moldova, as well as citizens remaining in Ukraine.

Thus, the dioceses on Romania’s border with Ukraine, the metropolis of Bessarabia, the archdiocese of Suceava and Radauti, the diocese of Maramureş, and Sătmar and the diocese of Tulcea were the first to provide humanitarian aid to the border crossing points through which the refugees arrived.

At the same time, the following online platforms have been activated: (Romanian Patriarchate in collaboration with the Filatropia Federation) and (Archdiocese of Iași).

At the level of the Romanian Patriarchate, until March 10, 2022, 4,310 people, including priests and volunteers, participated in charitable actions and provided permanent assistance in shifts working eight-hour shifts.

Humanitarian aid included money and goods (hot meals, food products, baby food, hygiene and sanitary products, medicines, blankets, clothes, toys, etc.), as well as a number of services ongoing social services (translation – 42,707 beneficiaries; counseling and guidance – 29,587 beneficiaries and medical assistance – 9,048 beneficiaries). Regarding the accommodation of refugees, 8,174 places have been identified, including 7,521 with meals included.

Another important component of the Church’s charitable intervention is the organization of humanitarian transport. So far, 128 shipments have been made to Romania, 47 to Ukraine and 10 to the Republic of Moldova.

In the same context, the volunteers of the Chapel of the Cathedral of the Salvation of the Romanian People carried out a blood donation action entitled “Give blood for Ukraine! as part of the Romanian Patriarchate’s Campaign “Give blood, save a life!” “. The action took place from March 2 to 8, 2022, in collaboration with the medical staff of the Blood Transfusion Center of the Ministry of National Defense. This action will continue on March 15 and 16, 2022, at the General Inspectorate of the Romanian Gendarmerie General Staff.

Until March 10, 2022, the humanitarian aid offered by the Romanian Orthodox Church in the context caused by the war in Ukraine amounts to 18,823,874 lei (3,803,122 euros).


Martha J. Finley