Feast of the dedication of the cathedral church


The exterior of the SS. The Simon and Jude Cathedral can be seen in this archive photo from March 3, 2015. The Cathedral Church is a symbol of the unity of the local Church, and its consecration is considered a day of celebration throughout the diocese. (CATHOLIC SUN archive photo)

December 11

The word “cathedral” comes from the Greek “kathedra, ”Meaning“ chair ”. The chair of the diocesan bishop is the seat from which he directs the life of the Church in a particular geographic region known as the diocese. This chair is a symbol of his authority to teach, sanctify, and rule the people of Christ. The church in which this pulpit is housed is therefore known as the Cathedral Church – the Bishop’s Parish Church.

Established as a parish on May 15, 1953 by Bishop Daniel J. Gercke of Tucson, construction of the present church of Ss. Simon and Jude Cathedral began in 1965. Bishop Francis Green of Tucson then consecrated the parish. 1,200-seat church on December 11, 1966, and was elevated to a cathedral when the Diocese of Phoenix was established on December 2, 1969.

The anniversary of the dedication of a cathedral church is to be celebrated on the day of the consecration of the church, with rank of solemnity in the cathedral itself and of feast in the other churches of the diocese, according to the “General norms of the liturgical year and calendar. The cathedral church is a symbol of the unity of the local Church, and its consecration should be celebrated throughout the diocese.

The annual celebration of the consecration of a church celebrates the mystery of the living Church, that is, the people of God on pilgrimage to New Jerusalem. It is desirable that the faithful from all over the diocese come together to celebrate the Eucharist with the bishop.


Martha J. Finley