Crowds return to church on Easter Sunday

After two long years, places of worship are seeing the return of more people to the pews.

BUFFALO, NY – As expected, more crowds returned to churches this Easter Sunday.

Over the past two years, the majority of places of worship have turned to streaming services. But as communities continue to gradually return to pre-pandemic life, more parishes are seeing people return to the pews.

Fr David LiPuma is the Senior Pastor of Our Lady of Victory National Shrine and Basilica in Lackawanna and says today has been truly overwhelming.

“I can tell you very well as a pastor, and I speak for our people, one of the hardest things is not being able to come together,” Fr David says. “It’s the core of our faith and what the church is really about about God’s people coming together to come together.”

The pews were also packed, as was the choir, at True Bethel Baptist Church on Buffalo’s east side.

Bishop Darius Pridgen took the microphone to share with the congregation that if this long road back to “normal” continues, a return to fellowship once again on Easter Sunday is a true blessing.

“It is only by the grace of God that we are all together. Thank God it is only by his grace,” Bishop Pridgen says.

And while for some the return to in-person services on Sundays may have been a first, for others the choice to enjoy the service from the comfort of their homes is still an option.

“A lot of people have suffered in the past two years, and we know it’s not over, the pandemic continues,” says Fr David.

Martha J. Finley