Catholic Church calls on Marape government to explain COVID-19 funds

The national government of Papua New Guinea, through the Ministry of Health, has been called upon to explain how COVID-19-related expenses for the use of sports facilities in the nation’s capital have gone unpaid since 2020, despite millions of kinas allocated for the containment exercise.

A K6. 2 million is owed to the PNG Sports Foundation for the use of its Rita Flynn facility for isolation purposes and other related costs for its other facilities – at the height of the pandemic.

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This has resulted in the closure of these facilities and the lockdown of other vital medical equipment by the Foundation and the announcement of a halt to COVID-19 operations in the city by the NCD Provincial Health Authority – which has no financial power. to pay the outstanding amount.

Assistant Comptroller Dr. Daoni Esorom disclosed that between K12-13 million has accumulated in the Health Improvement Program Fund Trust Account for COVID-19 related ASP expenses and other health and administrative activities since 2020:

Catholic Professionals Society President Paul Harricknen made the appeal today (Wednesday, June 22, 2022), saying the Society had applied to challenge the constitutionality of the Pandemic Act 2020 alongside the head of the opposition Belden Namah, as it excluded the application of public financial management laws on COVID funds among others.

”Funds in the millions that have been provided for the purposes of COVID-19. These funds have been kept in the trust account and the government under the pandemic act 2020 has excluded the application of the public management act they are monitoring the scrutiny by the public accounts they are monitoring review by the auditor, they have therefore been retained in the trust accounts. and we believe that these sums have not been accounted for and verification has not been done,” Harricknen said.


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Martha J. Finley