Carlisle becomes first Church of England cathedral to be granted charity status

Carlisle Cathedral

Carlisle Cathedral has become the first Church of England cathedral to become a registered charity.

In 2021 new recommendations and measures made by the Church of England came into force requiring all English cathedrals to apply to the Charity Commission for England and Wales to register as a charity. charities, and Carlisle is the first to complete this process.

The new laws focused on changing the governance of cathedrals and set out new measures for centers across England.

Edith McColgan, Chief Operating Officer, said: “We are delighted to be the first cathedral to successfully achieve charitable status, and we are extremely proud of our dedicated staff, volunteers and advisers: without the meticulous and tireless work of which he would not have been

The new measures call for a reorganization of the organizational structure of the cathedrals which allows them to operate on a day-to-day basis and to rewrite their constitutive documents.

Prior to the changes, three bodies were responsible for the governance of the cathedral, including the Cathedral Chapter, the Cathedral Council and the College of Canons. The new measures supersede that arrangement and focus on the chapter as the main governance and oversight body of the cathedral.

The new measures also require chapter members to become charitable trustees and also be subject to oversight by the CCEW, rather than just the Church Commissioners.

Acting Dean, Canon Michael Manley, added: “We welcome the additional responsibility that the Charity Commission will bring; and we are thrilled to use this new status to renew and strengthen our commitment as a praying, cherishing and transforming community for the county and diocese we serve.

Martha J. Finley