bandra: Hc remains on the proposed takeover of Bandra church land by Sra | Bombay News

MUMBAI: The Bombay High Court on Friday suspended plans for the Slum Rehabilitation Authority to acquire part of the land of Mount Mary Church in Bandra (W) for redevelopment. “…If (provisional) relief is denied in all likelihood, the situation will be irreversible with the surrender of the claimant’s title and the attribution of the title to the government. Reversing this situation could be extremely irreversible,” Judges Gautam said. Patel and Madhav Jamdar. .
They heard a petition from Bishop John Rodrigues, sole administrator and rector of the Basilica of Notre-Dame du Mont, contesting the public notice of October 29, 2021 calling for objections to the acquisition of the property. In September 2020, the CEO of SRA said that 1596 of the trust’s 10700 square meters of land was proposed to be declared a slum upgrading area.
The 1,596 m² includes a chawl [now called Shri Kadeshwar CHS (proposed)], and seven buildings. On December 31, 2020, the SRA declared it a slum. The petition said the trust submitted a composite development plan for 10,700 square meters, but it was ignored. Additionally, the public notice of SRA was at the request of CHS Kadeshwar who appointed a developer Saldanha Real Estate Pvt Ltd.
Lead Attorney Birendra Saraf, along with Attorney Neha Mehta, argued that on March 29, 2022, the petitioner’s representation against the public notice was dismissed. Saraf argued that before the land is given to a developer under the slum upgrading scheme, there is a priority right given to the owner to redevelop. “They told me no,” Saraf said. Judge Patel added: “They have to say you are incapable (of redevelopment).”
The Kadeshwar company lawyer opposed the petition. “You are a society of slum dwellers. Your anxiety makes us concerned,” Judge Patel said. The developer’s lawyer said “he (the petitioner) is trying to merge with our plot”. Judge Patel replied: ‘Not your plot and it may never be your plot.’
The judges said they would hear from all parties on June 16 and suspended public notice. “Therefore, no further action should be taken to acquire the land until the next date,” they added.

Martha J. Finley